- 2019-Jul-09 - Supplements to highlighting in scheme-mode in emacs
[emacs] [scheme] [gnu-guile]
Post summary: Describes how to add some syntax highlighting via font-lock mode keywords for scheme-mode in emacs.
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- 2019-Jun-29 - Syntax highlighting for emacs-lisp
[gnu-guile] [code]
Post summary: Provides some extensions to the library guile-syntax-highlight for highlighting emacs-lisp source.
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- 2019-Jun-28 - Re-installation of the elpa directory for emacs
[emacs] [code]
Post summary: Code for auto-reinstallation in emacs of all currently installed packages in the elpa directory.
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- 2019-Jun-02 - Making sourdough bread
[bread] [hobbies] [food]
Post summary: Outline of the procedure I use for making sourdough bread, with some photos.
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- 2019-May-31 - What is up with the “stencilv” moniker?
[pynchon] [stencilv] [kitties]
Post summary: Who am I, anyway?
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- 2019-Apr-31 - 6th Annual Arlington Jazz Festival
[jazz] [Arlington]
Post summary: This post amounts to a jpg of the poster for the festival.
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- 2019-Mar-17 - Snow shadows
[photography] [nature]
Post summary: This post includes some photos I took exhibiting some interesting interaction between sun, shadows and snow-melt.
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- 2019-Feb-02 - A feline bread mishap
[bread] [hobbies] [food] [kitties]
Post summary: They weren't supposed to step *there*!!
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- 2018-Dec-17 - Very familiar...!
[art] [museums]
Post summary: Very familiar...
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